Dermagiq® Proct

Dermagiq® Proct

Dermagiq® Proct perianal ointment was specially developed for the treatment of superficial, possibly infected wounds and chapping around the anus, as caused by haemorrhoids for example. Dermagiq® Proct consists of a skin-friendly ointment combined with pure, enzyme-rich honey. This particular combination of ingredients gives the ointment its soothing and healing properties. Once applied, Dermagiq® Proct has a slightly cooling effect and this helps reduce itchiness. Dermagiq® Proct contains no substances that are known to give rise to allergic reactions.

To use for: anal sores, hemorrhoids, anal itching


Dermagiq® Proct is supplied in 15 ml tubes.

Arachis oleum, cera alba, glyceryl oleate, mel, aqua, rosa oleum.

Use within three months of opening.

The product is manufactured under Bfactory's ISO 13485 certified quality management system. Dermagiq® Proct is a Class IIa CE registered product; optimum safety is therefore guaranteed.

Pharmaceutical substances
Dermagiq® Proct contains no pharmaceutical substances and is parabe

Directions for use
1. Gently massage a thin layer of Dermagiq® Proct into the affected area.
2. Allow the Dermagiq® Proct to be absorbed.
3. Treat the affected area one to three times a day.

Download Dermagiq® Proct leaflet (PDF)