About us



Dermagiq is a Bfactory brand, a company in continuous search to improve her wound and skin care products. Bfactory originated from the University of Wageningen (Netherlands) – where the knowledge for enzyme induced honey for wound healing was developed. Founder Dr. Creemers worked for many years on understanding which plants and nectar give an optimal composition of honey for the most effective support of healing difficult, infected and chronic wounds.

As a result Bfactory’s portfolio contains products registered as medical products for human market (Revamil®) and veterinarian market (Vetramil®), as well as cosmetic products registered according European regulations (Dermagiq®).
All Dermagiq products are based on special honey, selected and produced for medical applications. The honey quality is optimised to be most effective, whilst safe and comfortable.

Our principles:
  • We develop products that are good for people and for nature
  • Dermagiq products tap into the wonderful forces of nature - without detriment to the respect due to nature
  • We limit the impact our activities and products have on the environment
  • We measure that impact, and are constantly endeavouring to reduce it
  • Where we can, we provide assistance to groups of people who need it
    (f.e. hiring people with difficult acces to the employment market)